Cardiometabolic disease:
truly personalised care.

Metadvice is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of care for people with multiple long-term conditions, with an emphasis, initially, on cardiometabolic disease. COVID-19 shone a spotlight on the threats to health associated with cardiometabolic disorders, which are often aggravated by obesity and insulin resistance, reinforcing the need for better population health management.

Metadvice helps to identify high risk patients early and ensure that appropriate and targeted intervention is implemented early, to mitigate the long term impact of multi-morbid cardiometabolic disorders.

Our platform enables earlier intervention by targeting those at risk, or in need of a medication change, meaning we reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and further complications. Through this preventative approach, we reduce the cost to healthcare systems, and patient health improves over time.

Clinical Case Study – Initial Findings

Over a 12-month period, Metadvice demonstrated substantial improvements in managing cholesterol and heart disease in one specific primary care setting, through:

Clinical Efficacy

Our platform significantly improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels by identifying at-risk patients.

Operational Efficiency

The practice experienced a 50% increase in operational capacity, creating the equivalent of 1,800 GP appointments – thereby increasing the size of the population that could be addressed and effectively reducing wait times for appointments.

Treated to Target

A 9.23 point improvement in patients treated to target, with 64% of those reviewed improving their non-HDL cholesterol level.