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The Metadvice team and our global network combines a passion for changing the world of healthcare with technology, and the experience and practical ability to get there. Our team includes influential experts in the areas of precision medicine, healthcare, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and health informatics, as well as senior computer scientists and developers of machine learning algorithms.

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Andrew Rut

As CEO of Metadvice, Andrew is dedicated to enhancing healthcare through the company’s AI-powered SaaS platform, ensuring optimal patient management, clinical outcomes and economic value. Leveraging extensive global experience in Medicine, Lifesciences and Business development he focuses on the implementation of innovative solutions that deliver value to healthcare systems. His leadership in previous roles, including founding MyMeds&Me and heading up Pharmacovigilance at GSK, has centered on advancing the delivery of medicines, optimising benefit–risk and transforming processes with digital-first solutions. His overarching goal is to improve human health through technology that works.

Martin Young

Head of Commercial Development

Charlotte Kenny

Having worked as a doctor in multiple areas of medicine Charlotte has now focused her efforts in Primary Care. She is a practising GP in Sussex, England. Charlotte has a passion for innovation and technology within the health sector, and has experience in project change management, including in the implementation of telecommunications within the NHS. She is an assessor for the NHS innovation accelerator, where she is determined to close the gap between technological possibilities and actual clinical practice. As Clinical Product Lead at Metadvice, Charlotte connects the multitude of aspects of product development to doctors in real world practice.

Simon Brooks

Simon takes the Metadvice team’s strategic vision and transforms this into a delivery focused roadmap for our innovative healthcare solutions. His objective is to deliver SaaS solutions that utilise cutting-edge AI technologies, improve patient care, streamline clinical processes, and improve healthcare outcomes. Simon has been leading the design and delivery of SaaS solutions for HealthScience for over 20 years, having worked in IT leadership roles and in Software Product Management. At Metadvice, Simon’s role involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand market needs, prioritise features, and ensure seamless execution from concept through to launch, focusing on outstanding user experience and meeting global industry regulations.

Jonathan Serjeant

Jonathan is an experienced GP Partner and health care entrepreneur. He is the former CEO of Practice Unbound and Founder/CEO of Here (Care Unbound Ltd) working with over 3000 practices in the UK. He was Co-Founder and Executive Director of Brighton and Hove Integrated care Service (BICS), a social enterprise which develops pathways of care that support people to be in control of their healthcare. Jonathan also led the bid and visioning of EPiC (Extended Primary integrated Care), a successful Prime Minister’s Challenge fund bid. Jonathan is also Founder and Director of the Medical Imaging Partnership, GPnetworks, Optymalhealth Consultancy and an NHS Alliance Executive Team member.

Nic Oatridge

Nic is responsible for ensuring the company follows best practices in achieving operational excellence, whilst still being compliant with regulatory requirements. He has performed leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in North America, Europe and Asia over the last 30 years. Since 2015 his focus has been on the safe and ethical use of AI in healthcare.

Romana Mohammed

Romana Mohammed

As Quality Director, Romana is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance in all company products and processes. Romana has a software engineering background and has performed several Quality and Release Management roles focusing mainly on the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Drawing from her experience and range of roles, she ensures that Metadvice follows best practices in achieving quality while meeting regulatory requirements. Having successfully defined and rolled out various quality, release and change management processes in previous roles, Romana possesses an eye for detail to identify gaps and ensure processes are defined and followed.

Anna Stankiewicz

Anna is responsible for managing customer deployment with precision and efficiency. Drawing from her expertise, she ensures our clients seamlessly transition to the Metadvice software platform. Moreover, Anna remains dedicated to providing ongoing support, guaranteeing our clients derive maximum value from our innovative solutions. With a solid background in working with tech startups internationally in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, Anna brings a diverse skill set to the role. Having successfully automated processes across various markets, from micro-markets to global expansions, she is well-versed in navigating complex transitions. Her experience spans from optimising operations to overseeing seamless customer deployments.

Oleg Serdtsev

As the Finance Director of Metadvice, Oleg is responsible for corporate financial operations and strategy, across budget planning, internal controls, capital allocation decisions and investor relations. Previously, Oleg served as Head Financial Analyst at Wainbridge, an international real estate asset management firm, where he focused on optimisation of internal finance functions and strategic M&A opportunities. Moreover, Oleg has contributed as a consultant, advising on financial practices in diverse industries including biotechnology, cosmetics, and mining. He holds a BSc in Finance from the London School of Economics and an MSc from London Business School.

2019 photo of Professor Andrew Krentz

Andrew Krentz

Andrew is an academic physician and researcher with more than three decades of experience at leading institutes in the UK and USA. His clinical focus is the spectrum of cardiometabolic disorders as prominent precursors of vascular disease. He has made several pioneering contributions to translational medicine that have become established therapies. Beyond pharmacotherapeutics, he has long recognised that psychological and behavioral factors are barriers to best outcomes in long-term self-managed disorders and that novel approaches are required to span the translational medicine gap between clinical trials and real world practice.

André Jaun

André is leading technology development and the scientific research carried out by Metadvice. His original experience was in Computational Plasma Physics and Scientific Computing at KTH in Stockholm, where he published 92 scientific papers and pursued international collaborations with world-leading institutions. André changed the focus of his activities to financial markets in 2006 and after 2009 was the head of risk management of the Morgan Creek / Signet group. In 2014 he became a Managing Partner of Renaissance-Data, using neural networks for proprietary trading. He holds an Associate Professor title in Scientific Computing from KTH and a PhD in Plasma Physics from EPF Lausanne.

Yaron Dibner

Yaron is a graduate from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) with an MSc in Computer Science and a specialization in machine learning and image analysis. During his final years he worked in the biological and medical research fields, including a six-month collaboration with the epidemiology research team of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), where he implemented data management solutions for large-scale medical studies. He successfully completed his master’s thesis at Metadvice on the topic of explainable machine learning (xAI), with the aim of helping doctors to better understand precision medicine recommendations.

Tom Suter

Tom is a graduate from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) with an MSc in Physics and a specialization in statistics and data science. He worked in the biological research field, including a master thesis at Berkeley, modelising the expansion of epidemics under various conditions. He spent 4 years in the startup world, where he developed his data engineering and business understanding skills. He is now committed to improving personalized medicine with a real passion for health.

Cindy Leyvraz

Cindy is a graduate from the EPFL who holds an MSc in Life Sciences Engineering, with a minor in Biocomputing. During her master’s project at CSEM, she focused on developing a pipeline for estimating arterial blood pressure from photoplethysmograms using machine learning techniques. Her other internship experiences include estimating finger movements for upper-limb prosthesis control at the Translational Neural Engineering Lab and annotating and segmenting scanning electron microscopy images for chemical profile identification at the Idiap Research Institute.

Shelby Pereira headshot

Shelby Pereira

Shelby completed his undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal and came to Geneva for a PhD in Computer Vision (digital image and video watermarking), successfully defended in 2000. He continued his research in collaboration with the university in the field of Quantum Cryptography at IdQuantique. After working in the multinationals Xerox and Bayer he returned as a senior software engineer and project manager in the high-tech medical companies CTC Diagnostics (medical robotics) and Pristem (radiology) prior to starting at Metadvice.

Serge Umansky

Serge’s expertise originates from 12 years in science and engineering (focusing on mathematical modelling of complex and nonlinear systems) followed by over 20 years in the investment industry, including hands-on management of direct investments in private equity and technology ventures with recent specific focus on AI and distributed data systems. He obtained his doctorate and PhD from the Academy of Sciences in Kyiv and subsequently worked for over 25 years in the US and Switzerland in senior management roles. Serge has been an early investor in several venture tech businesses and served as an advisor in other startup tech projects.

Richard Barker

Richard is an internationally respected leader in the field of healthcare and life sciences. His career has spanned industry, health services and academia in Europe and the US. He therefore understands how medical innovation is developed, commercialized and adopted in a variety of health systems. Richard was awarded an OBE in 2012 for services to the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a Visiting Professorship at Oxford University and an honorary chair at UCL, and is an honorary fellow of the British Pharmacological Society. He has been voted as one of the 50 most influential individuals in UK healthcare.