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The Metadvice platform enhances clinical practice by fostering earlier interventions and more efficient management of chronic diseases. It streamlines the healthcare workflow and formulates treatments to meet individual needs, crucial for improving patient outcomes:

Cohort Management

By stratifying patient groups, Metadvice ensures the efficient allocation of resources. This strategic approach not only delivers timely and precise healthcare but also increases the capacity for early interventions, essential in chronic disease management.

Precision Treatment Recommendations

The platform provides personalised, real-time treatment guidance. This method has been shown to yield better health outcomes and can be adapted for various diseases and patient populations worldwide.

We also simplify the management of multimorbidity, allowing for earlier and more accurate treatment of overlapping, long term conditions. By synthesising data across multiple disease areas, the platform’s neural networks guide clinicians with the necessary insights to establish the best treatment protocols with confidence. Here, we are able to relieve the burden on healthcare systems across the globe.

Better clinical outcomes

In the video below, Dr Charlotte Kenny talks about the challenges facing clinicians today – and how Metadvice can help.

How it works

Click here for a video demonstration of the Metadvice clinical decision support tool and to read about the Metadvice approach to neural networks.

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