Advancing clinical knowledge.
Connecting clinical expertise.

Solving challenges

Targeted medicine

The healthcare landscape is becoming increasingly complex. Growing numbers of patients have overlapping long-term conditions, meaning clinical guidelines struggle to provide a clear path for treatment. As such, personalised care is more important than ever, and this is facilitated by our holistic approach.

In order to deliver truly personalised care, our AI-driven software platform incorporates analysis of past clinical decisions and their outcomes for patients within different sub-groups, alongside the unique features of each patient. In addition, the Metadvice platform is constantly learning from new data, continuously optimising recommendations based on the latest guidelines.

Translational gap

The speed of advances in medicine requires doctors to have the latest treatment pathways at their fingertips when making their decisions. Using AI, our platform effectively gathers the brains of thousands of clinicians and puts them at the fingertips of the clinician. The result? All healthcare professionals can deliver more consistent, standardised care to patients.

Pressure on healthcare systems

Healthcare systems worldwide are grappling with the rise of chronic, often concurrent, long-term conditions amidst an ageing population. With medical resources stretched thin, particularly in the expanding primary care sector, and unable to scale swiftly to meet these demographic shifts, there is a clear and urgent necessity for technological solutions.

The Metadvice platform facilitates the expansion of healthcare system capacity, ensuring the delivery of timely and precise intervention by all clinicians. Through customised treatment plans underpinned by patient data analysis, our platform leads to tangible improvements in patient care.

Precision medicine for all

In the video below, Dr Andrew Rut answers questions about Metadvice.

Our vision

Patients should be able to access high quality care wherever they are in the world, regardless of their socio-economic status, with clinicians adequately supported to deliver this care. With medical guidelines constantly changing, and patient profiles becoming increasingly complex, it is difficult for clinicians to manage evolving medical information across all disease areas. Medical expertise should be available to all professionals at the point of care.

Our mission

To develop and implement AI-based solutions which contribute to a transformative shift in healthcare delivery, setting new standards for patient outcomes. How are we achieving it?

Ultimately, our platform provides healthcare systems and professionals with the capacity and expertise they need to deliver optimal treatment and care. By doing this, we can keep patients healthier for longer.