Using AI for early,
accurate intervention.

How it works

Metadvice’s seamless integration with electronic medical records (EMRs) enables key capabilities that streamline workflow, increase health system capacity and support clinicians’ interactions with patients.

The Metadvice platform works in three steps:

By stratifying patient groups, Metadvice ensures the efficient allocation of resources. This strategic approach not only delivers timely and precise healthcare, it also increases capacity for early intervention – essential in chronic disease management.

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Neural networks in action

The current situation

  • ~50% of patients are not treated to guidelines
  • Even when treated to guidelines ~50% don’t derive optimum clinical benefit

The Metadvice approach

Our neural networks are first trained to meet clinical guidelines. Once trained, they then assess the clinical responses of patients, first using synthetic data, and then using real-world data. From this assessment, the neural networks are able to determine in whom the guidelines work best, and in whom they are less effective. Using digital twin approaches, we are able to identify the most appropriate treatment options for individual patients.

Neural networks development

Clinical module

Clinical module flowchart

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Clinical module flowchart – simplified for mobile screens

Comorbidity management

Cardiometabolic disease