AI to Advance Prevention, Treatment, and Equity in UK Primary Care

Metadvice recently presented alongside Lancing & Sompting PCN Clinical Director Dr Shona Schofield at the “Tackling Cholesterol Together Roadshow” hosted by HeartUK and Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex.

The case study, based on over 12 months implementation in the Ball Tree Surgery in West Sussex, demonstrated how Metadvice’s AI-powered solution to provide practical, actionable tools that support CVD high impact interventions to:

– Free up GP capacity and increase practice efficiency
– Support diversification of the primary care workforce
– Improve population health

“We’re able to identify particular cohorts at risk in secondary prevention, those that may be suboptimally treated or not treated at all, and prioritise who we’re contacting. It makes it easier to manage the workload, and means patients can see the right person to help them.”

The Metadvice solution really helped the team, giving confidence that they were looking at the latest NICE guidance, and allowing those professionals to take a wider view – be much more proactive, spend more time with the patient, and understand what’s most important to them.”

Dr Shona Schofield
GP Partner & PCN Clinical Director

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