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Solving Challenges

Targeted Medicine

Diseases previously defined by symptoms (such as diabetes) or organ of origin (e.g. lung cancer) are now sub-divided into many different molecular forms. Truly personalized care must incorporate analysis of past clinical decisions and their outcomes for patients in these molecular sub-groups and also take account of the unique features of each patient. This is an opportunity for AI-based continuous learning.

Translational Gap

Current clinical practice is yet to reflect this ambition. Multiple ‘translational’ gaps exist between ‘best practice’ recommendations and real-world implementation.

Clinically proven innovations to address previously untreatable diseases, restore damaged cells and slow down the aging process take many years to reach most patients, with missed opportunities to improve their quality of life and life expectancy.

The speed of academic advances in precision or personalized medicine is not matched by clinician education: doctors need the latest personally-relevant information at their fingertips when making their decisions.

Pressure on Healthcare Stakeholders

Data Confidentiality

Patients and regulators demand that data is stored and accessed securely, in line with local regulations, and can be dynamically managed, by patients themselves where possible

Consultation Times

Doctors do not have the time to refer to best practice sources in consultations and a clinical decision support system can help

Economic Pressures

Payers and health systems often deny access to costly best practice treatments because of concerns they may be too broadly used

The metadvice platform will alleviate the challenges that currently place increased burdens on global health systems and will enable more connected and knowledge driven healthcare delivery

Our Approach

Our Approach

To effectively implement precision medicine, a tool is required for use by doctors and patients that can quickly assess diagnostics and suggest therapies or treatments that match the unique profile of the patient and continuously learns from experience.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Medical knowledge should be available in a democratic fashion everywhere, when and where this is needed. With a doubling of the medical corpus every 9 months, the volume of information has simply become intractable for clinicians. Our tools are meant to prompt relevant knowledge to clinicians at the right time, so that the patients don't have to rely on luck to implement the latest knowledge.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We do this by a) partnering with leading clinicians and systems to become the touchstone and source for best medical practice, worldwide. b) implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-empowered recommendations for both diagnosis and therapy, c) using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), encryption and anonymization to ensure that the access to patients’ personal data is safely controlled and regulated within the framework of GDPR and HIPAA compliance.

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